Incy Wincy Spider Rhymer

Incy WincyRhymer

I looked after my friend’s little girl for an hour the other day while her mother went to an appointment, and while we were doing some drawing we made this Incy Wincy Spider Rhyme Wheel which Little Pea has been loving ever since (she points at it and shouts Dee Die Der!).

You will need:

  • Two paper plates
  • Crayons/Pencils/Felt Tips
  • Split pin paper fasteners
  • Scissors
  • Some sticky tape to secure the back of the split pin

By cutting a section out of a paper plate and drawing four scenes from Incy Wincy Spider on the paper plate underneath, the top plate can be rotated to show a different picture for each key moment in the rhyme: the spider climbing the spout, the rain falling down and washing the spider away, the sun drying up the rain and the spider recovering from its ordeal.

paper plate incy wincy spider

This worked really well for a nursery rhyme storyboard but I reckon the idea would be great for illustrating the changing seasons for an older child as well. Can you think of any stories or concepts that would work well in paper plate form?


Five Little Ducks Wet Play Game

Five Little Ducks Game Wet Play

Little Pea’s favourite thing in the whole world is splashing in water. Whether it’s in the bath or in a pool of water she’s tipped from her sippy cup, if there’s water she loves it. She also loves ducks. It didn’t take a huge mental leap to know that she would love a chance to play Five Little Ducks in her sensory bin.

five little ducks wet play

I put warm water, lavender baby bubble bath and a tiny drop of dark blue food gel into the sensory bin (a 32 litre storage box that I repurposed for such things) and set this up on her oil cloth with a towel to catch any drips. As well as the five rubber ducks and their mother, I added paper straws for interest.

We had a great time singing Five Little Ducks and I think having the ducks in the sensory bin helped Little Pea make the link between the abstract words of the rhyme and the concept behind it, as we removed a duck for each verse and then I counted them while handing them to her to start the new verse. I think Little Pea was even more relieved than Mother Duck when all of the little ducks came back!

She also loved watching me blow bubbles into the water using a paper straw and got bold enough to touch them with her toes and then her fingers.

Five Little Ducks wet sensory play

The Baby Dream House

It started with The Baby Dream House.

One day, after an IKEA delivery, I was left with a large cardboard box and decided to build a den for Little Pea while she napped. A scissors, some packing tape, a silk scarf that I’d picked up at a flea market and never done anything with, a blanket, a sheepskin rug and the Christmas fairy lights that I’d forgotten to pack away and I was pretty happy with my efforts. So it seemed was Little Pea. A comfy place to snuggle, play and hide.


I moved it into her bedroom, and though we played in there before bed most evenings I didn’t think too much about its role in her development until I was singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star during a nappy change and when she suddenly shouted her no noise and crawled to the dream house. Looking at me to make sure she had my attention, she pointed up at the star-shaped fairy lights and started signing the twinkle twinkle hands to show me that she knew what they were.

It made me think then that a lot of the time when we sing nursery rhymes, though it’s done with lots of gestures and expressions, for babies, these are still pretty abstract concepts so aren’t linked to concrete ideas that Little Pea can grasp hold of. I quickly gave the floor a make over with some animal greeting cards from a charity shop transformed into a lino floor with some sticky back plastic, and added other nursery rhyme characters (like this sticky felt Baa Baa Black Sheep, Mary’s Little Lamb and a Hickory, Dickory Dock clock and mouse).

This has left me with a fascination as to how I can make play experiences more rewarding for Little Pea. Having read lots of inspiring ideas on other blogs while researching this idea, I’m looking forward to sharing our fun here.