Famer’s Market Play Area

farmers market imaginary play

Autumn has always been my favourite season. The colours of the leaves, the harvest loaf, Halloween, conkers and acorns hidden in the wet grass while sycamore seeds pilot all around you. I just love it. Even in the early Autumn, there’s something subtly different about the quality of light which is just so much nicer than the brash summer sun…

We’ve already been hitting Autumn hard by taking Little Pea for long walks in the countryside and collecting items for our Autumn season tree. On the way to one of our walks, Little Pea had fallen asleep in the car so we took a detour past the farm shop to let her nap a little bit longer and so I could fondle some mini pumpkins.

I thought the sensory appeal of a variety of veg all laid out with a range of colours, textures and scents would be something that Little Pea would enjoy too, so when she was having her morning nap today, I laid out some of the more robust vegetables from our weekly shop (and some lemons, they are the only fruit that wouldn’t go straight in her mouth…) as a farmer’s market for her to play shop with.

farmer's market

She loved picking up the different items, putting them in her basket and feeding them to her fox. When she didn’t recognise something (the corn and the leek were real puzzles) she would bring them to me and make her “Whada?” noise to ask what it was.


When we’d finished playing, we took one of the carrots and the lettuce out for our guinea pigs, which is always the highlight of her day. She took a bit of persuasion to relinquish the carrot though. She was delighted that the guinea pig liked it too, but didn’t want to give it up!


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