The Gruffalo’s Child Footprint Play

The Gruffalo's Child footprint play activity

Little Pea has started walking and it is exhausting. For me, not so much for her. She only stops running when she’s asleep, so is probably the fittest person I know.

I decided to earn myself some respite channel Little Pea’s new-found love of walking by helping her make tracks like the animals in one of her favourite stories, The Gruffalo’s Child. We have the sound book, and I always seem to accidentally lean on one of the buttons when I’m trying to sneak her into bed. But she loves it, does a wonderful snake impression and is fully on board with the lines, “Aha! Oho! A trail in the snow!” so was quite excited to be making her own footprints.

I started by sticking a large sheet of paper to the floor with masking tape so that it was secure enough for Little Pea to walk on without it slipping. In a plastic tray, I put a selection of paints, brushes and things that she could make prints with: a plastic snake, some sponges and some good old potatoes that I had carved mouse and owl footprints into.

We started after nap time by re-reading The Gruffalo’s Child while she had her snack, then hopped into some old clothes to get down to making art. At first, we walked back and forth across the paper without any paint on her feet so that she could see that there were no prints left. I then asked her to pick a colour and she chose the orange paint, which we put onto her feet with a tickly sponge. She loved looking down at her feet leaving prints on the white paper until the paint had worn off.

After that we chose an object at a time, with Little Pea selecting a colour and me saying the name and asking her about her choices until we had some red mouse paw prints, yellow owl claw prints and a green snake’s trail. As you can see, she thought it was great fun and has maybe gained a better understanding of what the Gruffalo’s child is following in her hunt for the Big Bad Mouse 🙂

August 8th 031


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