Aunt Amelia by Rebecca Cobb

Aunt Amelia by Rebecca Cobb‘We were in a bad mood. Aunt Amelia was coming to look after us. We didn’t know who Aunt Amelia was and we didn’t want looking after.’

Aunt Amelia by Rebecca Cobb

One of my favourite books to read with Little Pea is Aunt Amelia by Rebecca Cobb. We borrowed it from the library and read it so many times that I bought it as soon as we had to return it.

Two grumpy children are told that their Aunt Amelia will be coming to look after them. Their parents tell them that they met her once when they were very small… When Aunt Amelia arrives, she is something of a crocodile-lizard hybrid dressed in a Mary Poppins’ style Victorian frock. The children’s parents provide her with a list to help her look after the children and as soon as the parents are out of sight, she takes them out to exploit every loop-hole and break every rule on the list in the pursuit of pure unadulterated fun.

Aunt Amelia CarouselIt’s important to me that Little Pea understands as much as possible of the books that we read and the songs that we sing, so I always try to link them to concrete concepts. Most of the activities that the children undertake in Aunt Amelia were ones that she was familiar with, but when I saw the double spread page of the carousel I knew that we had to go and find one. I’m glad we did, she loved it and is even more excited when we come to the page in Aunt Amelia now.

When she’s a bit older we might have to have a full-blown day of Aunt Amelia style chaos ourselves. In the meantime, we love vicariously enjoying the siblings cheeky fun with their very special auntie through the parents’ earnest list and Rebecca Cobb’s charming illustrations.


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