Edible Sand Sensory Bin

A little while ago, it seemed like it was raining all the time so I decided that Little Pea and I needed a beach holiday. Lacking any money because, maternity leave, and being more than a little pale of skin anyway, a winter sun break was out and we had to improvise.

I knew that Little Pea loved a sand pit because there was a great one at a community farm we visited with her older cousin a few months ago. However, since then Little Pea has been actively teething and everything goes in her mouth so I needed to make sure the sand was edible. I came across a great recipe for edible play sand at Clare’s Little Tots and it couldn’t be easier to make. All you need is five parts wholemeal flour (I used some bread flour) to one part vegetable oil, mix them up until you have a crumbly texture and, hey presto! You have edible sand which is safe for babies to play with.

edible sand for babies

I popped on a seaside playlist that I’d made on Spotify to create the mood, and Little Pea loved pushing the edible sand around with her fingers and feet, as well as burying her toys and digging them back out. She tasted a little bit of the sand, but on the whole was more interested in scooping, spooning and throwing it, so I was happy to keep it in a bowl in the fridge for a week and to keep adding it back into the sensory bin when we were ready to play with it again.

This did leave a slightly oily residue in the base of the sensory bin when it was cleaned out, but a little duck water play with lavender bubble bath cleaned it out with lots of fun and no effort at all.

Edible Sand Box Wish You Were Here



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