Ten Minutes to Baby Safe Play Dough

Edible Play Doug (1)When I was looking for recipes for a baby-safe play dough for Little Pea, I found a lot of recipes that were technically edible but had a crazy high salt content- not great for babies and their little kidneys, so I decided to try making a baby safe version based on my favourite oil based cookie dough.

By swapping the dry ingredients for flour and leaving out the eggs and almond extract, I ended up with a two ingredient play dough which can easily be mixed up in ten minutes, less if you’re not adding colour.

I used four cups of white flour (this was a mixture of strong white flour and self-raising because I had bits to use up in the cupboard) and one cup of organic rapeseed oil but any vegetable oil would do. Once you’re happy with the consistency of the dough- adding more flour if you want it to be a bit firmer- you can divide it into balls ready to add the colour. I flattened mine into sheets before adding Wilton’s gel food colouring, just a splodge in the middle before folding it in. Once it’s incorporated into the dough I don’t find that it stains, but it can mark your skin if you get it onto your hands before then.

I was pretty pleased with this as an emergency, wet afternoon plaything. Little Pea loved watching me measure out and mix up the ingredients for an easy two ingredient, ten minute edible baby play dough. By the time I put her down on her oil cloth to play with it she was bouncing around with excitement and coupled with some “baking tools” it easily held her attention for fifteen minutes of baby-led play with lots of poking, pulling, tearing and mashing- really working those little fingers! After that I couldn’t resist any longer and had to join in.

While this was a fantastic dough for Little Pea’s needs at the moment, for an older toddler who has advanced their fine motor skills to moulding and shaping I would probably experiment with a stronger mixture which holds its shape better.


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